Saturday, March 21, 2009

the photoshop difference...

Before cleaning up in photoshop....after...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Monster Jam and Snow Day

It was very, very noisy, but everybody came prepared. Maddox had his on earphones and Shane provided all the rest of us with a set.

One of the many action shots. Sorry about the "blurry" picture. I need a fine camera like Travis has so I capture these types of pictures with more quality. This was "Bounty Hunter.:\"

Maddox gettin autograph from "Bounty Hunter." He is signing a picture of the truck that Shane had printed from the computer before we left.

Peyton and Logan also getting autograph from "Bounty Hunter"

What an awesome scenary forMarch in the deep south!! Enlarge the picture to get a real feel for the type of snow we were experiencing.

Not to be outdone, when Shane told me he was getting his 4 wheeler out, I had to do the same.