Saturday, September 29, 2007

Go Cougars!

We all enjoyed a fun day at Lavell Edwards stadium. The cougars rolled passed Air Force 31-6. Noah and Zach enjoyed the pre-game jet fly by and the peanuts. Early in the 4th quarter, we got hit really hard by some rain showers. Mom, Dad, Noah, and Heather sat in the seats right next to Dad's right ear.

Snowing in September!

Mom and Dad left just in the nick of time. It is now 35 degrees and SNOWING....Wow.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Boyz

Even though the boyz spend much of their day fighting and wrestling. they are the best of friends. Zach particularly really looks up to Noah. Zach loves to play with Noah and his friends, but they always seem to pick on Zach when he follows him. This all seems so familiar...

Zach's First Day of School

Zach was pumped for his first day of pre-school. The very first day he ran right inside and started playing with his new classmates. He loves his new school clothes and shoes. He lays out his outfit each night before he starts school. He wakes up at 6:00am all dressed and ready to go!

Noah's First Day of School

Here is a pic of Noah's first day of kindergarten. He was a little nervous, but mostly excited. There were tears everywhere when he was dropped off. Noah was dry, but Heather was a mess! Now everyone is used to the new transition as Noah takes the bus to and from school! He loves it!

Mud Party!

Until we fill up this area with bark and we install a playground, this remains a mud corner in our backyard. Zach and Bailey took full advantage to take a summer mud bath, while Noah obeyed! These kinds of messes always seem to occur when I (Dad), am watching them...

Bailey's "Purple Foot"

Bailey was trying to balance on the one foot on the piano bench (true karate kid style). Unfortunately she lost her balance and broke her foot....yes, she broke her foot. She now has a cute purple cast. She was showing it off to me when I came home from work. She said pointing to her cast, "look...I'm cute!"

Bailey's Birthday Party

Bailey had a princess birthday party. She loved every minute of it. It is much different from our normal Spider Man parties but it sure was fun! We bought her a red trike. She always felt left out ever since we bought the boys their bikes a couple of months ago. Now she is one of the boys--part of the neighborhood motorcycle gang!