Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So I guess Bennett is out of the ugly alien looking phase so i can now claim him in public as my own. He just loves every minute of life with his brother, can't you tell. He is a huge lardo. At his two month appointment, he weighed 14 lbs. The doctor thought he was breathing kind of fast but I assured the pediatrician when you have man boobs that big at such a young age, labored breathing is to be expected.

He is a lot easier to get to smile than Maddox. Maddox would not smile until he was almost one, and then only at me or Kerri. This guy will smile when he gets the obligatory cheek squeeze from his grandfather.

He were are into the second year of making strawberry jam. This was just last week and three gallons of strawberries yielded 14 jars of the best jam ever. Bennett just mainly slept in the car while we picked strawberries for 2 hours or so. The car only got to about 110 degrees so Bennett was alright. haha just kidding. He did sleep in the stroller out ion the middle of a huge strawberry field while we all picked.

Like I said, push out a turd and you get a smile. He does cry a lot more than Maddox when his Mom is not around. My chest is not big enough to soothe Bennett like his Mom can.

Is Bennett more like me or Kerri? Well, I will let the evidence speak for itself. Does he sleep 14 hours a day like Kerri does. Absolutely. Does he whine and moan when things don't revolve around him, like Kerri? Every day. Does he say "Ken you never wash dishes" or "Take out the garbage" or "Your job is not safe" or "Ken, mow the lawn." Well, not yet but I am sure it is coming.