Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to Maddox

Today, the 29th is Maddox's birthday and we went all out. Cake, balloons, streamers, clowns, the works. hahahaha yeah right. If I hope to raise my kid right, his next 9 birthdays will consist of slumber parties in a big tent with a bunch of his friends in sleeping bags and the occasional horse back ride at a near by elementary school preferably by a horse named Happy-Go-Lucky. No he is just like his Dad and likes to help weed in the garden

However, quite unlike his Dad, he feels the need to taste the composition of the soil to determine if the correct amount of fertilizer has been added. I think it has just the right amount of fecal matter Pops.

What a handsome looking kid. At one year old, life can only get better from here. Hopefully, he turns out to look more like Kerri because I got uglier with age and I started out as a pretty ugly kid. Kerri thought of a great tradition where instead of cards that ultimately get thrown away, we get a book that represents him from the last year and write our card in the book so he keeps it for a long time. My wife is great, isn't she.

A boy and his father sharing some delicious chocolate milk. Only one of us has the chocostache. When he looks up with those big blue eyes, you just can't say no to giving him chocolate milk, or bratwurst, or a small piece of your meat lovers Papa John's pizza.

Just like every Swift in the history of mankind, this one is an accident magnet. Take for instance a lovely evening in the bath playing turns into a game of how-hard-can-you-head-butt the porcelain tub. I am just glad he did not loose any teeth. Just like a Swift, he was told to "walk it off" and was fine in a matter of minutes. With ten fingers and ten toes, 2 eyes, 2 ears, all his limbs and some teeth (due to having not grown in yet, not because they were knocked out), Maddox begins again at 1 and will hopefully continue on with as much success as ever. He had better because he will have a little brother soon enough to contend with.


Anonymous said...

Yes, lets continue to hope Maddox looks more and more like Kerri! :)

Travis Jordan said...

What a cute kid!