Monday, November 19, 2007

Travis turns 30!!!

Travis wanted Papa John's pizza for dinner and he requested a Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice dough nut cake. I used every candle that I had in the house to make 30!! This was the last year of putting all the candles on the cake. From now on we will need to start abbreviating.
The cake looked like a bon fire!!

Travis had a cold on his birthday. We thought it was a good idea that he not blow on the dough nuts!!

Larry and Ann got Travis a binder and new sports card sleeves, and a really nice John Beck rookie card with material from the jersey and foot ball that he wore and held the day of the draft! He loved it! He spent the whole night organizing all his cards! I got him some yummy cologne from the Buckle and had his guitar restrung and fixed. It was a great day!!


Anonymous said...

the cake look so gross! yes, i am completely grossed out by krispy kreme because I ate them right at the same time I started to get sick with this pregnancy. so i guess it is really a blessing in disguise. Maybe on the next pregnancy i will force myself to eat ice cream in the beginning.