Friday, January 4, 2008

Undecorating, my favorite time of year

So there was never a picture of my great tree. It was a twelve footer and worth every cent, even though Kerri says it almost ended our marriage. Maddox decided it was imperative he climb up and help me string the lights. My tree was so impressive that the base would not hold it so I had to place 2 of my 45 pound dumbbells on the backside to keep it from falling over.

It was a good thing my dad was here to help me take it down because Kerri kept using excuses like "I'm pregnant" and "I'm not supposed to lift heavy things being 6 1/2 months pregnant." Chicks are always full of excuses. But even on its side, its magnificence is apparent. Fare well old friend, till next year.

Another tradition I have done since we have had our house is chop up that tree and burn it on New Years eve. Maddox is busy taking a leak out in the woods. haha Actually, he is chasing Kerri's retarded cat out into the woods.

This is Maddox's version of undecorating; finding a small mud hole that the rain brought and play in it. But you can only do it if you are wearing your mom's favorite gap t-shirt.

It does not have to be big, but just deep enough to stomp around in and splash mud in. Instead of buying toys, I should have dug a hole and fill it in with water and let Maddox play in that. That is the new Christmas spirit, mud holes. The name I get next year for Christmas is getting some Georgia dirt and a gallon of water mailed out to them.


Heather said...

that sure was a huge tree! I am impressed. Little Maddox was sure cute in the video. He has changed so much since we were out there. Miss you guys!!